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    Solid Baoding Balls

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Solid Baoding Balls, also known as Chinese Health Balls, are excellent for relieving arthritis and maintaining manual dexterity, they may even help those suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. The lighter hollow versions with chimes in the core are the best for beginners or someone is older. The original solid steel versions are for intermediate or advanced training. The Tai Chi baoding balls are best to suited for Tai Chi training. Each pair comes in a beautiful embroidered box, making them a delightful gift for anyone.

These are solid balls and are perfect for martial arts training.

Please Note: We RANDOMLY pick all case colors from our stock. If you order more than one set of balls we will try and match the color of the case but we CAN NOT Guarantee a color match.

  • Medium Set: 1 7/8" in diameter (1 lb. per pair)
  • Large Set: 2" diameter (1 1/2 lbs. per pair)

One exercise variation is to rotate them counter-clockwise and clockwise inside one palm, using gravity to help you maintain control over them. Avoid having them bump loudly, some try to not let them touch at all. Better users often do more than two in one hand. By manipulating them in your hand, you can also work the forearm and shoulder muscles, as they are connected.