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Purchase Single Mouth Guard: Colored
  • SKU: TC-14-220
    Single Mouth Guard: Colored

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The Martial Art StoreĀ®'s boil and bite single mouth guard provides upper teeth support. Designed by dental experts they form a custom fit in seconds and are made from a non-toxic space age polymer to help protect your teeth.

You will need the following items before beginning:

  • Pot of boiling water
  • Pair of tongs
  • Bowl of cold water
  1. Drop the mouth guard into boiling water for seven seconds then remove the mouth guard with a pair of tongs
  2. After removing the mouth guard from the boiling water, IMMEDIATELY place the mouth guard around your upper teeth. The mouth guard will be warm but will not burn. Instantly secure the mouth guard by pressing your tongue against the back of your upper teeth. While holding the mouth guard firmly in position, SUCK OUT all the air and water until the mouth guard molds to a tight fit around your upper teeth.
  3. Remove the mouth guard and place it into cold water or under the tap while running cold water. If you do not get a tight fit repeat the procedure.

Please Note: For smaller mouths, the mouth guard may be shortened by cutting along the rib marks. USER ASSUMES ALL RISK OF INJURY.