Set of Rebreakable Boards

This Set Contains 1 Blue Board, 1 Red Board, and 1 Black Rebreakable Board.

With Tiger Claw’s Rebreakable Boards, you can learn to how to break safely and easily, without wasting your money on costly wood boards. Tiger Claw’s Rebreakable Boards are designed by the world’s greatest living master of breaking, Dr. Dan Netherland, Guinness Book of World Record Holder for many incredible breaking feats. Tiger Claw Rebreakable Boards come in three different thicknesses so you can progress at your own pace. With built-in grip handles, and a protective foam pad lining on both sides, you’ll see why Dr. Netherland put his signature on these powerful training tools.

Tiger Claw's Rebreakable Boards measure 10" x 17" and are constructed of durable high-impact plastic.

  • Blue = Basic Board (0.25" thick)
  • Red = Strong Board (0.33" thick)
  • Black = Extra Strong Board (0.5" thick)