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  • SKU: CM-10186
    Century Versys VS.3 Fight Simulator

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Discover a whole new way to train with the Century Versys VS.3 Fight Simulator.

INSPIRING A NEW FITNESS EXPERIENCE: The most VERsatile SYStem on the market, the Versys VS.3 Fight Simulator is ideally suited for aerobic conditioning, endurance, speed and technique training. Tested by professional combat sport coaches, trainers and instructors. Intelligent, simple and effective. The VS.3 opens up a whole new world to all combat sports and fitness athletes.

The VS.3 Fight Simulator enables the martial arts athlete to throw the largest range of full body strikes outside of live sparring. Build power, endurance, speed, and technique across a vast array of striking combinations. The VS.3 fight simulator redefines martial arts and combat sports training and conditioning.


  • Simulate groin strikes, inside and outside leg kicks, side-kicks, as well as spinning back, heel, and hook kicks, and front kicks
  • Practice proper form and muscle mechanics to lower body opponent strikes to calf, knees, thighs, and groin
  • A practical way to throw hand, elbow, knee, and foot combination strikes to upper, middle, and lower body
  • Multi-discipline combat training applications include: self-defense, boxing, martial arts, muay thai, kickboxing, and mixed martial arts

Box 1: Versys Bag Box 2: Versys Base
Weight: 12 lbs. 105 lbs.
Length: 29" 66"
Width: 20" 20"
Height: 20" 20"
These dimensions are for packaging size & shipping weight.
  • Top handles enable clinch work and knee strikes
  • Patented three leg structure is stable and 60% lighter than most weighted free standing bags. Pre-filled base requires no additional water or sand filling
  • Allows for multiple users at one time to perform leg strike drills
  • Removable pad to simulate groin strikes
  • Moves easily on and off training areas
  • A practical tool for advanced athletes and beginners alike
  • One-year replacement warranty on all Versys Fight Simulators