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  • SKU: TC-20-74
    Cable Leg Stretcher

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Stretch your legs while standing up! The TMAS Cable Leg Stretcher helps to develop flexibility and balance. It's also great for stretching your inner thigh and groin area. Our cable leg stretcher includes a foam padded ankle harness, nylon rope, pulley, and convenient hanging strap.

The cable leg stretcher is really simple to use and it very mobile. You can tie it around a tree limb outside, around a beam in your garage, tie a knot in the end of the black rope and close it inside a door frame, or mount an O Ring in a stud in your ceiling and tie it there.

After mounting the Cable Leg Stretcher wherever you desire you simple place your leg in the padded section grab the other end and pull your leg up to the desired height. For added benefit to your core keep your hands up and your body over your hips.

  • Stretch your legs while standing up
  • Helps to develop flexibility and balance
  • Helps stretch your inner thigh and groin area
  • Foam padded ankle harness
  • Nylon rope, pulley, and hanging strap